November 10, 2014

Three Coloradans are now awaiting sentencing after being convicted of 18 different criminal charges associated with their operation of a $100 billion tax fraud scheme. According to court documents associated with this case, the three individuals created various tax documents to try to bilk the federal government out of more than $100 billion in tax payments.

Details of the Tax Fraud Case

Denver Tax Attorney   $100 Billion Tax Fraud Scheme Ends in Conviction of 3 Coloradans

Three Coloradans are now awaiting sentencing after being convicted of running a tax fraud scheme intent on defrauding the government of $100 billion.

Through the course of the trial, the prosecutor in this case went into explicit details about the various schemes, scams and devices the defendants had used to set up and run their tax fraud operation.

When it was time for the defense to make its case, the defense – which involved the defendants representing themselves – had painted an entirely different picture. In particular, the defendants claimed that:

  • The so-called tax fraud scheme was a form of “tax protest.”
  • If the defendants had ended up receiving any funds from the government, those funds would have been diverted directly back into the U.S. Treasury to pay for the national debt.
  • Because none of the defendants had ultimately received any money from this alleged tax fraud scheme, no crime had been committed.

It didn’t take the jury in this case long to come back with a verdict that convicted the defendants on the tax fraud charges. While the nature of the sentences that these convicted people will face due to their tax fraud convictions will be clarified during the sentencing proceedings in the near future, some criminal justice and tax fraud professionals are intent on seeing prison sentences handed down for each of the defendants in this case.

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