November 20, 2014

A 2014 tax credit can help low- to moderate-income workers make some plans and moves now to start investing in their retirement funds, officials at the IRS have recently announced. People who qualify for this new 2014 tax credit, which is also referred to as the “retirement savings contributions credit,” still have time to take advantage of it by putting some of their current income away in an qualifying retirement fund before 2014 ends.

Details about the 2014 Tax Credit for Retirement Savings

Denver Tax Attorney   2014 Tax Credit Can Help People Save for Retirement

A 2014 tax credit can help people save for retirement if they meet the income eligibility requirements. Here’s a closer look at this 2014 tax credit.

Here’s an overview of the eligibility requirements and other important information associated with this 2014 tax credit:

  • The people who are eligible to take advantage of this 2014 tax credit include:
    • Married couples who are filing taxes jointly and whose combined total income in 2014 is less than $60,000 (or less $61,000 in 2015)
    • Married individuals who are filing singly or people who are single who earn less than $30,000 in 2014 (or less than $30,500 in 2015)
    • People who are “heads of a household” whose incomes are less than $45,000 in 2014 (or less than $5,750 in 2015).
  • Dependents and students are not eligible to take advantage of this 2014 tax credit.
  • This 2014 tax credit can offset a portion of the initial $2,000 investment workers make to their IRAs, 410(k)s or other applicable retirement fund savings accounts.
  • Although there is a $1,000 available tax credit for individuals (and a maximum $2,000 available credit for married couples), the IRS cautions that people’s actual available credit may be far less, depending on the other deductions, tax credits, etc. that they may be using when filing 2014 taxes.

People who are eligible for this 2014 tax credit can take advantage of it by completing IRS Form 8880.

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