For How Long Should I Keep My Federal Tax Records?

December 28, 2016

Taxpayers often wonder how long they need to keep their tax records before they can tear them up and throw them in the trash. Unfortunately, putting your tax check in the mail doesn’t mean you can throw out your federal tax returns the following day. If the Internal Revenue Service later decides to question your…
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Are Bonuses Taxed by the IRS?

December 23, 2016

The holiday season is here, which means that many fortunate employees around the country are about to enjoy a holiday or end-of-year bonus from their employers. Bonuses, after all, are an effective way to reward top performers and motivate employees. But just how much of this bonus will you actually take home? Bonuses can change…
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All About IRS Tax Appeals

December 19, 2016

An IRS tax appeal is a common way of resolving disagreements with the IRS which apply to the items reported on your tax return. If your tax return was examined recently and you received written notice of an adjustment to your tax return, such as disallowing a credit or deduction, then you have the right…
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5 Common Tax Mistakes that Small Businesses Make

December 15, 2016

Small business owners all too often don’t fully understand the tax advantages and write offs they have available to them. They also often make mistakes that wind-up costing them if they ever get audited by the IRS. Below are five some common tax mistakes that could save your business money or prevent you from getting…
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What Properties Are Exempt From Seizure?

December 8, 2016

Are you behind on paying your taxes? Taxpayers who are unable to pay their taxes can expect to receive a series of notices in the mail, accompanied by a detailed set of instructions outlining their taxpayer rights. Exemption issues can generally be resolved easily, but taxpayers with large balances on their returns can eventually face…
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