Filing for an Audit Reconsideration Request with the IRS

April 30, 2017

An audit reconsideration is an administrative process used by the IRS to reexamine a previous audit’s results in which additional tax was assessed and is still unpaid, or in which a tax credit was reversed. Apart from disputing or disagreeing with an initial audit assessment, other common reasons to request an audit reconsideration are: Being…
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Understanding the IRS Fresh Start Program

April 15, 2017

No taxpayer likes getting on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service. After all, the penalties for falling behind on IRS tax obligations can be severe, and may include collection methods such as garnishments, tax liens, levies, and even criminal sanctions.  The Fresh Start program, an initiative first announced in February 2011, is a…
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Appealing a Tax Audit

April 5, 2017

The result of a tax audit is often an assessment of back taxes, penalties, interest, and possibly even criminal sanctions. Unknown to many is that taxpayers who receive unfavorable adjustment rulings from an audit have the right to disagree with the IRS and appeal the final results of the audit. The primary objective of the…
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