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      • Goldman Law, LLC Denver Divorce Attorneys

        Being notified that you or your business will be facing an IRS audit can be distressing news...

        Tax Audits & Appeals

      • Goldman Law, LLC Adoption in Colorado

        When people are overwhelmed by tax debt, one of their options for resolving this debt can be to pursue an offer in compromise (OIC) with the IRS...

        Tax Debt Settlements

      • Goldman Law, LLC Annulment

        When a person has outstanding tax debt, the IRS may take action against that person...

        IRS Seizures

      • Goldman Law, LLC Denver Child Custody Attorneys

        When tax issues cannot be settled out of court, tax litigation may be unavoidable, and having an experienced, aggressive litigator...

        Tax Litigation

      • Goldman Law, LLC Child Support

        Owing the IRS back taxes is a situation that can arise when people may have miscalculated their prior tax...

        Back Taxes

      • Goldman Law, LLC Domestic Violence

        When the IRS does not receive some portion of the taxes owed to them (including interest or fees associated with this tax debt), it may...

        IRS Tax Liens

      • Goldman Law, LLC Guarcianship in Colorado

        When the IRS has determined that a person owes and has not paid some tax debt, the IRS will send that person a bill, initiating the collections process...

        IRS Collections Process

      • Goldman Law, LLC LGBT Family Law

        For small and large businesses alike, business tax issues can quickly become complicated and costly, particularly if...

        Business Tax Issues

      • Goldman Law, LLC Marital Property Division in Colorado Divorce

        The IRS will typically pursue wage garnishments – directly taking a portion of a person’s income before he receives...

        IRS Wage Garnishments