September 10, 2014

A 75-year-old oral surgeon has been convicted of IRS tax fraud and has been sentenced to serve 18 months in prison and pay more than $2 million back taxes to the IRS. This sentence was handed down on September 9th by U.S. District Judge Raymond Moore in a federal court located in Denver.

As Stephen Boyd, a special agent who led the investigation into this IRS tax fraud case, has explained, “those thinking about promoting or participating in abusive tax schemes should think twice; there is no secret formula that can eliminate a person’s tax obligations.”

Details of the IRS Tax Fraud Case

An oral surgeon will serve 18 months in prison and have to pay $2 million in back taxes after being convicted of IRS tax fraud.

An oral surgeon will serve 18 months in prison and have to pay $2 million in back taxes after being convicted of IRS tax fraud.

According to court documents and investigation reports associated with this IRS tax fraud case, the convicted oral surgeon – Jerold R. Sorensen – had been funneling millions of dollars of income and personal expenses through shell companies and fraudulent trusts.

With the assistance of his attorney – Eva Sugar (who has already plead guilty for her role in this IRS tax fraud case), Sorensen reportedly:

  • Grossly underreported his annual income when filing taxes
  • Set up pure trust organizations (PTOs) to try to mask the business and personal income he and his son were earning
  • Attempted to assign ownership of his homes, vehicles, business facilities and even surgical tools used for his business to the PTOs to further try to avoid having to pay taxes on these items.

This tax fraud started in 2000 and continued through 2007. In addition to the $2 million in back taxes that Sorensen has been ordered to pay, he will also be responsible for paying $100,000 in restitution costs. The attorney who facilitated this tax fraud will reportedly face sentencing next month for her role in these crimes.

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