July 28, 2014

While many people focus on their taxes and tax issues during the beginning of each year, the IRS can send you a tax notice at any time. Knowing how to respond to and deal with these notices is crucial to resolving any tax issue you may have and avoiding any possible penalties that could cost you a lot of stress and money in the future.

In this two-part blog, we will give you some tips regarding what you should do if you get a tax notice from the IRS this summer (or, really, at any point). If you receive a notice from the IRS or need advice or assistance regarding any tax-related matter, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

Have You Received an IRS Tax Notice Recently?

Denver Tax Attorney   Summer Tax Tips: What to Do If You Get a Notice from the IRS (Pt. 1)

Have you recently received a tax notice from the IRS? If so, here are some tips on how to properly deal with it. You can also call us for help.

If so, here’s what you should do:

  • Don’t put it aside or ignore it – This is often people’s go-to response when they get a tax notice from the IRS in the mail. Resist the urge to ignore this notice. Procrastination in this case will only work against you – and could end up costing you a LOT of money and headaches in the future.
  • Carefully read the notice – Mailed tax notices from the IRS will usually detail some problem or issue regarding your income taxes for a recent year. They may also state that you owe more than you paid or that the IRS needs some more information from you regarding a previous tax return.

    Regardless of what the issues may be, make sure you read the entire notice very carefully so that you understand why exactly you have received this notice.

  • Figure out what you need to do next – While mailed IRS tax notices will explain some issue that the IRS has with your taxes, a tax return or a tax account, they should also explain what you need to do in order to resolve the issue.

    For instance, are you being told that you need to make a payment? Or that you need to send additional documents to the IRS? Or that you need to directly call the IRS? Figuring out what the IRS wants from you will be important as you move towards the resolution of this issue.

For our continued discussion of how to respond when you receive mailed notices from the IRS, be sure to check out the upcoming second part of this blog.

Denver Tax Law Attorney at Goldman Law, LLC

If you are dealing with any tax issue, don’t try to resolve this issue on your own. Instead, contact a trusted Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC. Our lawyers are ready to stand up for your rights and help you resolve your tax issues as favorably as possible.

At Goldman Law, LLC, we know how any tax issue can be, and we also know how to stand up to the IRS and effectively protect our clients to ensure they are able to obtain the best possible outcomes to their cases.

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