July 31, 2014

Picking up from where we left off in Summer Tax Tips: What to Do If You Get a Notice from the IRS (Pt. 1), here, we will continue to point out some specific things that you should do if you receive an IRS tax notice in the mail this summer (or at any point in the future).

If you’ve received an IRS tax notice, call our Denver tax law attorney for help resolving this matter as efficiently and favorably as possible.

If you’ve received an IRS tax notice, call our Denver tax law attorney for help resolving this matter as efficiently and favorably as possible.

In addition to carefully reading the notice and figuring out what the IRS is instructing you to do (as discussed in the first part of this blog), you should also:

  • Decide whether you agree or need assistance disputing the issue – Just because you’ve received an IRS tax notice does NOT necessarily mean that the IRS got it right. In fact, it’s quite possible that officials that the IRS may have made a mistake or may be basing their claims on false information (which can be the case if your identity has been stolen, for example).

    If you feel that the IRS has made a mistake in the tax notice you have recently received, then the best thing you can do will be to meet with an experienced tax attorney to find out what your best options are for moving forward and resolving the issue.

  • Keep copies of everything the IRS sends you – Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the IRS’ claims in any tax notices they send you, it’s always critical that you keep a copy of every single notice they send you. The fact is that this documentation may be very important later, and having copies will be important to protecting yourself if there may be issues or problems resolving a tax matter down the line.
  • Remember that the IRS will NOT call you – While the IRS will try to contact you about tax matters via mailed notices, it will NOT call you, email you, text you and/or try to reach out to you via social media. If you receive a notice that appears to have come from the IRS through any of these means (or any means that is not a mailed notice), be suspicious, as this is likely a scam to try to get your personal info.

The bottom line is that it never pays to ignore the IRS or to try to avoid dealing with a tax issue. Instead, confronting the matter – with the help of an experienced tax attorney – will be key to resolving the issue as beneficially and efficiently as possible.

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