At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver tax law attorney is dedicated to providing both individuals and businesses with superior representation and the highest quality of legal services for various tax needs and issues.

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Built on a record of success and trust, the tax law practice at Goldman Law, LLC is dedicated to providing individuals and business with superior representation for various tax issues.

Built on a record of success, our comprehensive tax law practice is focused on providing each of our clients with personalized and professional attention so that we can expertly guide them through any tax issue and help them:

  • Minimize any potential tax penalties they may be facing
  • Resolve any IRS issues they are dealing with
  • Preserve and protect as much of their assets as possible
  • Ultimately obtain the best possible outcomes.

Here’s a look at just some of the various tax matters that you can trust our Denver tax law attorney and all of the professionals at Goldman Law, LLC to bring to a successful resolution.

Tax Audits

When a person or a business faces an audit, they can count on our Denver tax audit lawyer to be on their side, defending their interests and helping them deal with the IRS in order to resolve the audit as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Back Taxes

When the IRS is alleging that a person or business has miscalculated or failed to pay taxes for past years, our Denver tax law attorney will be ready to get to the heart of the issue to determine whether or not back taxes are actually owed.

If back taxes are owed, our tax professionals can be relied upon to develop the best solutions to get the IRS back taxes paid and to get our clients out of hot water with the IRS.

Tax Litigation

When various tax issues can’t be resolved through out-of-court negotiations, tax litigation may arise and take a psychological, as well as a financial, toll on the person and/or business that is the focus of this litigation.

At Goldman Law, LLC, our Denver tax law attorney is skilled at aggressively advocating our clients’ rights and interests in tax litigation to obtain the best possible outcomes for them.

Business Tax Issues

Businesses may have some unique tax issues to deal with, and such matters can quickly become complicated if or when a business’ finances may have been mishandled, a business is new and/or a business is particularly complex.

The Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC has a track record of success when it comes to representing businesses and helping them resolve their various tax issues, including those that may involve tax deduction issues and payroll tax issues.

Other Dealings with the IRS

In addition to providing the various services described above, our esteemed Denver tax law attorney can also effectively represent people and businesses who may need assistance in other dealings with the IRS, including (but not limited to) those associated with:

Denver Tax Law Attorney at Goldman Law, LLC

The bottom line is that, if you or your business needs assistance with any type of tax matter, you can count on the Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

At Goldman Law, LLC, we know how distressing tax problems can be, and we also know how to stand up to the IRS and effectively protect our clients to ensure they are able to obtain the best possible outcomes to their cases. We have the experience, resources and dedication that you can trust to help you resolve your tax issues as beneficially and efficiently as possible.

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