For small and large businesses alike, business tax issues can quickly become complicated and costly, particularly if they are not handled properly or resolved appropriately. The fact is that the IRS takes business tax problems very seriously, and it may assess very harsh penalties fairly swiftly when it sees businesses (and their owners) as being noncompliant.

For superior representation and the best possible outcomes to business tax problems, contact a Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

For superior representation and the best possible outcomes to business tax problems, contact a Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

While this may be distressing news, the good news is that business owners do have various options for resolving their business tax issues and that they can work out favorable resolutions that can keep their business operations ongoing by working with a trusted Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

Types of Business Tax Problems and Possible Solutions

While any number of different tax issues can arise for businesses, some of the most common include:

  • Tax deduction issues – Businesses can benefit from various tax deductions. However, when filing taxes and using these deductions, businesses need to specifically itemize the various deductions used on their tax documents. When businesses fail to detail their deductions or they have taken too many deductions on past taxes, the IRS may assess fines or other penalties.With this business tax problem, it will be essential to figure out the specific nature of the tax deduction issue and proceed as appropriate (such as by providing more details to the IRS, repaying the IRS any outstanding tax debt, etc.).


  • Payroll tax issues – This is perhaps one of the most serious business tax problems that can arise, as the IRS may try to take action against as many people as possible when payroll tax issues have led to outstanding business tax debt. For instance, the IRS may try to come after business owners, as well as accountants or other employees of the business when payroll tax issues arise and are not properly resolved.With this type of business tax problem, the first step will be to figure out if the payroll tax issue is a result of a mistake on the IRS’ part or whether there may be any noncompliance issues on the part of the business. If there are noncompliance issues, then bringing the business into compliance and working out a resolution for any outstanding tax debt will be crucial to preserving a business’ assets and allowing it to continue to operate as the tax issues are dealt with.

Denver Tax Law Attorney at Goldman Law, LLC

If your business is facing any type of tax issue, don’t try to deal with IRS or resolve these complicated matters on your own. Instead, contact the trusted Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC to resolve these business tax problems as favorably and efficiently as possible.

At Goldman Law, LLC, we know how important your business is to you and how distressing business tax issues can be. That’s why we are here to:

  • Provide you and your business with aggressive, superior representation
  • Stand up to the IRS on your behalf
  • Help work out the best possible outcomes to these matters.

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