I contacted Mr. Goldman for help with a custody case and since then it’s been a comfort to know that I’ve got him working hard to help me with my case. He’s been nothing but professional, courteous and understanding. My main concern was not the case itself but staying focused on the best interest of my child and Mr. Goldman let it be known that his focus would be the same.


Scott Goldman is a phenomenal lawyer. Not only did he represent my case well, but he was so clearly knowledgeable and passionate about our case that he was able to put my mind at ease during one of the most distressful times of my life. I would highly recommend Goldman Law LLC to anyone going through a custody case.


Scott and Jonathan have been awesome helping our daughter with her custody issues. They have been very informative, knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs. We will definitely recommend this law firm to our friends and family.


I’d ABSOLUTELY recommend Scott. Scott got me through my divorce and another, unrelated civil case against a local drug dealer and his customers/allies and their false accusations/charges. Scott was always available, responsive and made these unpleasant “legal entanglements” arrive at a JUST conclusion. I also appreciate the fact that Scott is Constitutionally literate and truly does understand both the letter – and the intent – of the law and give my highest complement of all. He is an American.