February 8, 2015

11193761_sMany people are rightly concerned that the IRS will look at them more suspiciously or treat them worse if they choose to hire a tax lawyer to represent them. They generally fear that the IRS may feel that a crime is being committed or is being hidden.

If you are facing an IRS audit or any other kind of action by the IRS and are considering hiring an attorney, should you be worried? The answer is no. In fact, most IRS Revenue Officers and IRS agents will likely be pleased to have a tax lawyer involved because their job will be made a lot easier.

IRS auditors and collectors respect knowledgeable and competent tax professionals. Your hiring a tax lawyer means that the IRS will not have to spend a substantial amount of time explaining the basics to you or to a tax lawyer, as tax lawyers are already familiar with tax issues and may even be used to dealing directly with the agency.

Tax professionals understand what the IRS wants from you, and are also able to leave their emotions off the table. The IRS, therefore, will be able to resolve your case at the soonest possible time.

Although it may be possible to successfully face the IRS on your own, it will always be in your best interests to seek legal help. When dealing with the IRS without an attorney, you may wind up making crucial mistakes and missing out on opportunities.

Remember that the IRS is not necessarily on your side, and they may not tell you about your rights or the other options available to you. In fact, taxpayers often wind up paying thousands of dollars more than they should have due to not hiring legal counsel.

There are occasionally situations where IRS agents tell people that a tax attorney isn’t needed for their particular situation. Whether or not this is true, the Internal Revenue Code Section 7421 (b)(2) states that the IRS must stop an interview should a taxpayer declare that he or she would like to consult with a tax lawyer, an enrolled agent, or a certified public accountant. If an IRS agent tries to talk you out of consulting with a professional, then he or she may actually be violating the law in an effort to impose the simplest solution possible.

Proper legal representation will help ensure that a law-abiding and long-standing solution is found and will see to it that everything is as it should be.

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