August 31, 2014

Here is the conclusion to our blog series Your Rights as a Taxpayer: What You Need to Know.

Keep in mind that, while it’s always helpful to know your rights as a taxpayer, it can be far more powerful and effective to put these rights to use with the help of an experienced attorney like the Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

Additional Rights You Have as a Taxpayer, According to the IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Denver Tax Attorney   Your Rights as a Taxpayer: What You Need to Know (Pt. 3)

One of the most important rights you have as a taxpayer is the right to legal representation. Make the most of this right by hiring the Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

Right 7: The Right to Due Process & Privacy

Essentially, this right entitles taxpayers to a certain expectation of privacy when the IRS may be taking specific actions against them. For instance, if an IRS is conducting an audit, this taxpayer right should protect people from the IRS garnishing their wages or taking their property without having gone through the appropriate legal channels first.

Additionally, this taxpayer right will protect people from having their property illegally searched and seized (as again, this right requires that the IRS go through the appropriate channels first to obtain warrants and legal authorization to search and/or take people’s property).

Right 8: The Right to Confidential Dealings with the IRS

With this right, people’s sensitive personal information should be protected by the IRS, and IRS officials are specifically prohibited from sharing such information with any other party (unless they are legally required to turn over some piece of information or a taxpayer has specifically authorized the IRS to share this info).

Right 9: The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System

In other words, taxpayers are legally entitled to a tax system that impartially deals with them, provides them with timely information and gives them a fair opportunity to resolve their tax issues.

Right 10: The Right to Have a Tax Lawyer Represent Them

For any dealing with the IRS, taxpayers have the absolute right to retain an experienced attorney to represent them, deal with the IRS on their behalf and handle their tax issues.

Because IRS tax issues are typically complicated – and because IRS officials are NOT on taxpayers side, this is one of the most important taxpayer rights for people to know about and exercise.

Denver Tax Law Attorney at Goldman Law, LLC

If you have recently received a notice from the IRS and are stressing out about how to deal with some tax issue, don’t try to handle this issue on your own. Instead, contact a trusted Denver tax law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC. At Goldman Law, LLC, we know how distressing any tax issue can be, and we also know how to effectively protect our clients’ rights when it comes to dealing with the IRS and working out the best possible outcomes to their cases.

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